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Ryan Made Mistakes is a semi-complete, quasi-chronological collection of the near-death decisions that its creator Ryan Estrada has made. All these stories are, unfortunately, true.
Braced for Impact: page 1
Posted July 30, 2019 at 12:00 am

Welcome to a brand new chapter of Ryan Made Mistakes!

If you're just joining us and are underwhelmed by the single panel of some teeth, there are four whole stand-alone chapters for you to binge! Just click the double arrows up above to go back to page one!

This is a comic I've been wanting to remake for a long time! Years and years ago, before Raina Telgemeier's book Smile became one of the best-selling comics in the history of the world, it was a webcomic! And I was invited to do a guest page explaining my own embarrassing braces story! I did one about the story you're about to see here.

But I was never happy with the way it turned out-- and looking back at it now, it was SO BAD. I have no explanation. I'll show you at the end of the chapter, you'll see.

But now, I'm gonna take the next few weeks to tell the story the way it should have been told all along. Enjoy!

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