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Ryan Made Mistakes is a semi-complete, quasi-chronological collection of the near-death decisions that its creator Ryan Estrada has made. All these stories are, unfortunately, true.
Weird Little Cartoon Baby: page 16
Posted May 28, 2019 at 12:00 am

I feel very nervous about posting this strip.

I certainly don't want to make light of using this kind of dehumanizing language. It's just an example how we can learn things that are wrong, and it's up to use to unlearn it as we see and experience more of the world. I originally had little censor bars covering them in the above page, but just a few minutes before it posted I went in and added the pencil to cover up more of the word balloon.

The two words baby Ryan unknowingly used in the above comic were the names of long-persecuted ethnic groups applied to stereotypes of said groups. Calling those groups crafty and cheap.

Maybe no one noticed their us ebecause I had misspelled both of them, having only written phonetically what my grandma had said. Also my lettering was illegible because I was six. I just thought they were old-fashioned words for getting a discount that my grandma liked to use. I accidentally beat Seth McFarlane to the punch with "baby talks like an old person" and also "having said baby use super racist words."

Also, even today pop culture won't stop using those words? Like, the G-word??? At least I don't hear it used as "cheat" as baby Ryan did above, but the Roma people don't want to be called that and nobody wants you using it to describe what a free-spirited wanderer you are. Like, please stop doing that??

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